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Monday , July , 24 2017

Pest Control

If you live in a domestic property, we can provide advice and treatment if you have a problem with insect pests or vermin. We will visit you and carry out a full assessment of your pest problem to get rid of pests.

Please see the pest control guidance FAQs which includes the details of the pests we deal with.  



Insects Ants / Bedbugs / Cockroach’s / Fleas  
Domestic £41.69 + VAT (£8.34) = £50.03
Senior Citizens £26.73 + VAT (£5.35) = £32.08
Commercial £82.33 + VAT (£16.47) = £98.80
Domestic £41.69 + VAT (£8.32) = £50.03
Senior Citizens £26.73 + VAT (£5.35) = £32.08
Commercial £82.33 + VAT (£16.47) = £98.80
Domestic Free
Commercial £82.33 + VAT (£16.47) = £98.80
Domestic £41.69 + VAT (£8.34) = £50.03
Senior Citizens £26.73 + VAT (£5.35) = £32.08
Commercial £82.33 + VAT (£16.47) = £98.80

Note: There is no charge for treatment of rats in domestic premises.

Note: A call out charge of £32.08 may apply please see terms and conditions.

We do not offer a treatment for bees. Please see External Link - Beekeepers contact numbers.


There is a fixed charge of £26.73 + VAT = £32.08 for senior citizens in domestic premises that are in receipt of a state pension. You must show proof of entitlement at time of treatment. 

Book a pest control treatment

We carry out treatments by appointment only, please use our online form to book an appointment.

You can use this form to book services for Domestic Insects, Mice, Rats and Wasps.

These are normally carried out during office hours. We can also offer early mornings or late afternoon appointments during weekdays (not including bank holidays).

All officers will visit you wearing a Carlisle City Council uniform and carrying Carlisle City Council identification badges.

Fees are payable at time of booking.


Commercial Premises

Estimates given relative to the service requested. Please contact us on 01228 817200 for more information on our commercial service.

Farm Contract Services

Farm contracts for rodents (rats and mice).  This includes four routine visits throughout the year plus one additional visit if we think it necessary to deliver effective control.   Charges vary dependent on the service requirements, a typical standard charge for this is £354.95 + VAT = £425.94 every 12 months.

Any additional treatment will be charged at £50.00 per visit.


Download our leaflet Gulls - Advice and Guidance for Businesses.

Who can I contact?

Before undertaking any action, except proofing outside of the nesting season, we recommend you seek expert advice on current legislation from Natural England, Tel: 0300 060 6000

  Pest Control - FAQs



Wasps deliver a nasty sting which can be serious if you're allergic to them. For a minority of people the venom in their sting causes anaphylactic shock which can be fatal, so it's important to seek medical help immediately if you experience giddiness, nausea, unusual swelling or extreme pain. An ordinary sting can be treated with ammonia, alcohol or cold poultices, followed by antihistamine ointment.

If you notice many in your home, chances are they have a nest nearby. Nests can normally be found in holes in the ground or inside hollow trees. Unfortunately for us, wasps feel equally at home in a garden shed, wall cavities, eaves and roofs.

Wasps feed on fruit and nectar, insects and food waste. Towards the end of the summer, when the larvae have reached maturity, the workers turn their attention to fruit, jam and other sweet substances, which is why they become a nuisance to people at this time.

Because the venom in wasps contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive, it's not advisable to swat one near its nest.

How can I prevent wasps in my home?

The following measures act as deterrents:

  • Close doors and windows if possible
  • Ensure bins have tight-fitting lids
  • Cover food
  • Don't let scraps build up around your sink
  • Clear fallen fruit from your garden.

Dealing with a wasp nest is difficult - while a number of products are available on the market you must consider the risk of being stung. If you're allergic to wasp stings or simply prefer not to tackle the problem yourself, contact a professional pest control company or the pest control section at Carlisle City Council.

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