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Sunday , May , 28 2017


Improvements to kerbside recycling services from 12 June 2017

We are extending kerbside recycling to more properties and asking residents to sort their recycling slightly differently.All residents can now recycle food and drink cartons (tetrapaks) in with their cardboard and paper will now be collected from a green bag, instead of a green box. Collection days may also have changed for some residents, but we’ve made it easier to recycle as materials from green boxes and green bags will be collected on the same day by one crew. For more information on which items can be recycled in each container please see our how to recycle guide.  New waste collection calendars will be posted to residents w/c 22nd May 2017.

Rubbish & Recycling Collections Service Alerts

The usual refuse and recycling date and the collection dates including, and following, the Bank Holiday are as follows:

  • Monday 29th May - Collecting Tuesday 30th May
  • Tuesday 30th May - Collecting Wednesday 31st May
  • Wednesday 31st May - Collecting Thursday 1st June
  • Thursday 1st June - Collecting Friday 2nd June
  • Friday 2nd June - Collecting Saturday 3rd June

Collections return to normal from Monday 5th June onwards.


Check your rubbish collection date (valid up to 12/06/2017)

Enter your postcode correctly e.g. CA3 8QG

Refuse or recycling calendars are provided in Adobe PDF format


  New Calender's from June 12th 2017 (New calendars will be posted w/c 22.05.2017)

Enter your postcode correctly e.g. CA3 8QG

Refuse or recycling calendars are provided in Adobe PDF format


Bank Holiday Refuse and Recycling Collections

Collections over a bank or public holiday are usually a day later than normal (with the exception of Christmas).  Please refer to your refuse or recycling collection calendar if you have one, or check on this webpage for updates.

Grey refuse wheeled bins (fortnightly collection)

Collection dates and information about using your bin are highlighted on your waste collection calendar, which can be downloaded using the form above.  More information about using your refuse wheeled bin can also be found on your questions answered page.

Gull-proof reusable sack (weekly collection)

Please bag all your refuse into a refuse sack(s) and place the sack(s) into your reusable gull-proof sack. Make sure you close the lid and use the ties to loop through the handle and bow loosely across the top. This short video will show you how to use your gull-proof sack. Leave it out on the collection day by 7am (or no sooner than the night before) and take it back in promptly. There is a pocket on the sack to mark your house number. To find out which day we collect your gull-proof sack each week, type your postcode into the box above.  Collection calendars have been posted to all residents and you can check your collections dates online using the postcode search above.

We will only collect rubbish that is contained within your gull-proof sack. Please do not place any additional waste beside your gull-proof sack.

Swap to a smaller gull-proof sack

There are two sizes of gull-proof sack available. If you don't produce much waste you can swap your existing gull-proof sack for a smaller one free of charge by bringing it into the Civic Centre.

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